About the company
The company is located in the southwest of Chongqing and is the most extensive ventilation production base in the southwest region. It is the foundry of many world fan brands and supports various customized services.
Main products: industrial ceiling fans, mobile fans, wall-mounted fans, new column fans, and water-cooled air conditioners.

About distribution agent
The company stipulates that an annual purchase volume of more than 50 units can apply for an agent, and enjoy the company's direct guidance and support (support for local shop opening, local construction of maintenance stations, and regular travel to China)
Requirements for installation conditions: the maximum height of industrial ceiling fans are required to be above 4.5 m to have a comfortable environment

About after-sales
1. Three-year warranty for conventional motors and a two-year warranty for PMSM motors
2. Warranty for fan blade and hub is 10 years
3. Free consultation on quality assurance at any time
4. Free remote 1V1 video guidance service

About Logistics
1. The company's products support sea and land transportation, and some parts support air transportation
2. The company has a long-term cooperative relationship with ASEAN Logistics, which can ensure that the goods arrive in all parts of Southeast Asia within a week
3. For shipments in other regions, the company has fixed partners to ensure that the goods can arrive on time

About packaging
1. The company defaults to solid wood box packaging (with some fillers)
2. Part of the product packaging can meet the carton packaging (you can ask if you have special needs)
3. The product quotation does not include packaging costs, please get in touch with customer service for the overall cost
Stay In The Know
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