Installation of Industrial Large Fans (Part 2)

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Author : JU LAI
Update time : 2023-06-20 08:23:05

After all the preparations for the industrial ceiling fan are ready, let's learn about the detailed installation steps of the industrial ceiling fan on site:

  1. Install the base plate Install the base plate according to the installation position (marked by a line), with both sides evenly spaced, the base plate perpendicular to the installation beam, the top surface of the cushion plate closely attached to the I-beam, and the installation pressure plate combined with the I-beam. After installing the cushion plate flat, use M16*70 high-strength bolts for fixing, and other fixing methods to meet the same standards.
  2. Install the main unit Since the weight of the main unit of the fan is relatively large, special attention should be paid during installation. Use a level ruler to measure the verticality of the extension rod installation at 90 degrees. When the beam itself has a slope, its verticality can be adjusted through the crescent-shaped bolt holes of the base plate and the frame lifting ear. During installation, the upper plane and lower plane of the main unit should be horizontal, ensuring that the fan body naturally droops. Use a spirit level to measure and then tighten all fasteners (4 sets of M16 x140 high-strength bolts). M16x70 high-strength bolts, pressure plates, cushion plates, base plates, and I-beam steel beams, the cushion plate here needs to be closely attached to the I-beam, and if the thickness is not suitable, other auxiliary cushion plates need to be added to ensure that all parts are tightly pressed together. The bending part of the pressure plate here needs to be pressed against the cushion plate to avoid loosening. 
  3. Install the safety rope The steel wire rope goes around the factory beam to connect the fan main unit with the beam, and then use a wire rope clamp to strengthen the safety protection.
  4. Install the main rope First, determine the fixed positions around the four steel wire locks, move the lifting equipment to drill holes for positioning, and then start fixing the steel wire rope. Connect the main unit directly to the beam, and the steel wire should be of moderate length, equidistant, symmetrical, and evenly stressed. Adjust the fan's wheel hub to a horizontal position by tightening the four steel wire ropes. After the steel wire rope clamp and flower lacing wire are tightened, thread-locking glue (Loctite-243) should be applied to prevent the steel wire rope from loosening after being subjected to force.
  5. Install the cable connection of the main unit Do not scratch the surface of the cable wire, do not cut the copper wire when peeling the wire. First, connect the ground wire to black fine wire, and then use insulating tape to wrap it tightly to ensure the safety of the product. Then pull the cable out of the frame and wire it according to the on-site situation.
  6. Install the fan blades Two people cooperate to install the fan blades, using M10x60 high-strength countersunk bolts to fix the fan blades, diagonally install the fan blades, ensure even stress, do not scratch the surface of the fan blades, and ensure the tightness of the fasteners. After the fan blades are installed, the two steel wires passing through the interior of the fan blades are respectively threaded from bottom to top through the corresponding hinge bolt holes, and the two rope ends are combined at the upper part of the blade handle, and then fixed with corresponding steel wire rope clamps, and the excess part of the steel wire rope is cut off with a steel wire rope cutter.
  7. Install the fan blade safety ring When installing the fan blade connection plate, ensure that the rectangular hole is at the bottom and the round hole is at the top. Use M8x70 high-strength bolts to install them in order, and then form a circular shape to connect all the blades to each other. Finally, apply thread-locking glue to ensure the reliability of the fan operation. The above seven steps for installing an industrial ceiling fan are basically completed. Remember to pay attention to some detailed operations during installation. Any imperfection in detail may affect the stability and safety of the entire industrial ceiling fan system. At the same time, rigorous and meticulous training should be given to the installation team.
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