About the big ceiling
fans used in factories and workshops

 By Julai  May 06 , 2022  Gym and sports venues

Purchaser : 
Michael-M found our company through a friend's introduction.

Problem : 
At that time, Michael-M was looking for a suitable industrial large fan to replace the original vertical floor fan in the factory. Because of the large amount of use, the factory wiring was very chaotic and there was a problem of power consumption. Regarding the safety issue, we learned through communication that the plant structure of the Michael-M factory is an inverted ladder-type concrete structure, and the conventional horizontal pressure plate cannot meet the installation requirements.

Solution : 
After discussion later, we recommended to XX to install a V-shaped pressure plate on the side with a protective safety rope The way to successfully install our large industrial fans, XX after the installation of our large industrial fans to achieve the cleanliness and safety requirements of the factory. Thanks to Michael-M for supporting our products.

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