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fans used in gym and sports venues

 By Julai May 06 , 2022 Gym and sports venues

Purchaser : Aurora is a fitness trainer from Hamburg, Germany. She runs a gym of her own.

Problem : Usually, the traffic is average, but recently the traffic has suddenly increased a lot. As a result, the air inside the gym is not circulating, which is very uncomfortable. So Aurora found us through the website and raised the difficulties they encountered. 

Solution : After evaluating and calculating the site, we proposed a combined ventilation strategy of adding ceiling fans and moving fans. When there are few people, you can start the mobile fan to alleviate the indoor ventilation problem. When the number of people increases to a certain extent, the ceiling fan can be activated to cover a large area with soft wind. Now there are more than 3,000 regular members of the Aurora club, and 800 people can be trained during the peak period of concentration. At present, the indoor ventilation is green and environmentally friendly, and the low noise is very suitable for quiet aerobic training.

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